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At the beginning of every engagement, the Brainbench Consulting Services Team will work with the customer to understand their goals and objectives for this program. The team will also work to determine the best approach to deploy the program.

Engagement Overview

Brainbench will assign a senior consultant to lead the engagement. To guide the execution of the deliverables, the senior consultant will rely on the Brainbench Systems Life Cycle Development Methodology. Through this methodology, the Brainbench team will take the customer through four major development phases:

Planning. The Brainbench team will define and establish the objectives, approach, and timeline for completing the program.

Design. The Brainbench team will design the Candidate Selection program, and the Selection Process.

Develop. The Brainbench team will build, test and implement the assessment content technical solutions necessary to complete the program.

Optimize. The Brainbench team will look for ways to continually improve the performance of the program.