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Assessment Process

One of the primary objectives of the Brainbench Consulting Services Team is to deliver a solution that maximizes the performance of the selection process. In certain situations, there may be a requirement to deploy an assessment as part of an overall solution. This may include a specialized delivery approach, or the integration of an assessment into an overall recruitment solution.

Needs Analysis - Assessment Delivery - Technical Integration

Needs Analysis

The Brainbench Consulting Services team will work with the customer to conduct a needs analysis for the selection program. During this brainstorming activity, a series of interviews will be conducted with the customer to determine the overall goals for the selection program. The output from this activity will guide the development of the selection program.

Technical Integration

When integrating an assessment into the recruitment process, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. For some organizations, the Brainbench assessment ma be a component of a selection process that is driven by an Applicant Tracking System. For other organizations, the Brainbench solution may manage the entire selection process. The Brainbench Consulting Services Team will develop a selection solution that will not only integrate an effective screening tool, but also compliments the customer's existing recruitment solution.

Assessment Delivery

Brainbench offers its customers two options for administering an assessment. In selecting the best approach, requirements such as speed, security, and costs are evaluated.

  • Web Administration

    The Brainbench Consulting Services team has extensive background in deploying complex, web-based assessment solutions. This may include the deployment of an automated essay, scoring assessment, interactive Flash module, or listening skills assessment. In addition, the Brainbench team can configure the solution to satisfy, identify, and content security requirements.

  • Proctored Administration

    In some instances, there may be a need to deploy an assessment in a proctored environment. Through its partnership network, the Brainbench team has access to over 600 proctored assessment centers throughout the U.S.