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PerformanceFIT Assessments

PerformanceFIT Assessments Enable Repeatable, Accurate Skills Tracking
The PerformanceFIT assessment platform draws upon the PerformanceFIT library which includes over 600 assessments covering today's business-critical jobs. With unique Computer Adaptive Testing technology, PerformanceFIT assessments adapt to test-taker skill levels and deliver different questions with every test taken. Custom tests can also be developed for your company's products and services.

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Standard Assessments—Standard assessments (typically 40 questions) provide metrics for tracking individual and organizational skill levels. Results can be compared to a global database of test-taker scores.

Express Assessments—Shorter PerformanceFIT assessments (typically 16 questions) create a quick skills snapshot of employee and candidate skills, abilities and personality traits.

Computer Adaptive Testing—With this unique patent-pending technology, assessments dynamically adapt to test-taker skill levels.