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Express Assessments

Create a Quick Snapshot of Employee or Candidate Skills, Abilities and Traits

An express assessment is a short version of the PerformanceFIT standard assessment. Express assessments typically include 16 questions and take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete, making them ideal for a quick candidate pre-screening or in combination with other short assessments (for example, Attention to Detail test and Medical Billing test). Test results are based on the same 1-5 point scale as standard assessment scores; however, they do not include strengths, weaknesses and other comparative information.

PerformanceFIT Express Assessments

  • 16 questions, approximately 15 minutes long
  • Instant results delivered directly to the organization
  • Secure, web-based and password-protected access
  • Powered by a Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) engine that adjusts to each test-taker's skill level (applies to skills and abilities assessments)
  • Ideal for pre-screening
  • Assessments cover over 600 skills in today's critical business areas, including sales, customer service, IT, management, financial, healthcare and more