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PerformanceFIT Assessments Enable Repeatable,
Accurate Skills, Ability and Personality Tracking

Looking for a way to establish or expand a skills measurement program within your organization? PerformanceFIT provides flexible deployment options. Employers can deploy PerformanceFIT by "seat" with each seat providing one employee with unlimited access to assessments for a period of 1 year. Companies can also make purchases "by-the-assessment", building a store of standard or express assessments that can be delivered to employees or candidates through their PerformanceFIT system.

Through a custom branded skills measurement interface, each employee participant receives secure access to designated assessments and their individual skills data. Administrators receive access to advanced reporting tools, with roll-up reporting at individual, department, enterprise or industry levels.

Deploy PerformanceFIT to Meet Specific Needs
The PerformanceFIT system can be deployed quickly and easily for limited or extended employee groups. Facilitate training, measure employee skills, or deliver pre-hire candidate assessments—ease of implementation makes PerformanceFIT the ideal skills measurement solution.

Apply PerformanceFIT by Department
The PerformanceFIT system can be expanded as needed to accommodate additional employees, enable candidate assessment, or facilitate skills tracking at the departmental level. You can establish baselines, validate skills, track progress and gain skills recognition for knowledge workers across your department.

Accommodate Skills Measurement Across the Enterprise
PerformanceFIT access can be provided to all employees, enabling skills baselining and reporting across your organization. Reporting features enable skills data to be filtered or aggregated as needed.