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Product Manager

Responsible for planning, managing, and coordinating the product logistics of an assigned product or service line. A Product Manager researches, creates, and implements effective strategic marketing plans and manages multiple tactical activities to reach a targeted audience. A person in this position directs such activities as product/service naming, branding, pricing, packaging, positioning, advertising/promotion, budgeting, and training. A Product Manager may also oversee special projects such as focus groups, surveys, and competitive evaluations, all of which provide feedback for product/service changes and improvements and new product/service development. A person in this position also oversees the proposal, development, and launch of new products and services.

Required (Select 8)
Product Name/Outline
Business Math
Business Writing
Change Management (U.S.)
Customer Requirements Analysis
Marketing Concepts
Marketing Strategy
Presentation Skills
Sales Concepts (U.S.)

Elective (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Project Management
Project Management (2000)
Project Management (2005)
Project Management (2008)