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Responsible for greeting persons entering or calling the organization, determining the nature and purpose of visitor/caller requests, and directing the visitor/caller to the correct destination. A Receptionist schedules future appointments, answers client questions, and provides the public general information about the organization and its products and/or services. A person in this position also collects and distributes messages for employees of the organization and transmits information or documents to clients by computer, mail, or fax. A Receptionist is often called upon to record, compile, enter, and retrieve information, by hand or by computer.

Required (Select 7)
Product Name/Outline
Business Communication
Customer Assistance
ITAA Information Security Awareness
Listening Skills
Office Procedures (U.S.)
Spelling (U.S.)
Telephone Etiquette

Elective 1 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Filing (U.S.)
Math Fundamentals
Math Fundamentals (Metric)
Written English
Written English (UK)

Elective 2 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
CorelDRAW 9.0
Lotus 1-2-3 9.5
Lotus Freelance Graphics 9.5
MS Excel 2000
MS Excel 2000 Fundamentals
MS Excel 2000 Fundamentals (Interactive)
MS Excel 2002
MS Excel 2002 Fundamentals
MS Excel 2003
MS Excel 2003 Fundamentals
MS Excel 2007
MS Excel 97
MS Excel 97 Fundamentals
MS Outlook 2000 Fundamentals
MS Outlook 2002 Fundamentals
MS Outlook 2003 Fundamentals
MS PowerPoint 2000
MS PowerPoint 2000 Fundamentals
MS PowerPoint 2002
MS PowerPoint 2002 Fundamentals
MS PowerPoint 2003
MS PowerPoint 97
MS PowerPoint 97 Fundamentals

Elective 3 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Corel WordPerfect 9.0
Lotus Word Pro 9.5
MS Word 2000
MS Word 2000 Fundamentals
MS Word 2002
MS Word 2002 Fundamentals
MS Word 2003
MS Word 2003 Fundamentals
MS Word 97
MS Word 97 Fundamentals
Word Processing Fundamentals

Elective 4 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Data Entry 10-Key
Data Entry Numeric
Typing Speed & Accuracy