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Project Manager

Responsible for exercising authority over the planning, direction, and control of tasks and associated functions essential for support of a designated project from inception to completion or through a single or multiple phases of that project. A project manager may have control over such functions as research, development, procurement, production, installation/operation, maintenance, and support. A person in this position must take into account numerous conditions and restrictions affecting project progress, such as customer requirements and expectations, scheduling and sequencing of activities, budget, equipment availability and cost, and resource availability and allocation, as well as external factors, such as governmental and industrial regulations, political climate, labor relations, availability of required materials, and weather.

Required (Select 5)
Product Name/Outline
Business Math
Business Writing
Listening Skills
Managing People (U.S.)
Presentation Skills

Elective 1 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Business Process Reengineering
Change Management (U.S.)
Customer Requirements Analysis
Market Research
Operations Concepts

Elective 2 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Lotus 1-2-3 9.5
MS Excel 2000
MS Excel 2000 Fundamentals
MS Excel 2000 Fundamentals (Interactive)
MS Excel 2002
MS Excel 2002 Fundamentals
MS Excel 2003
MS Excel 2003 Fundamentals
MS Excel 2007
MS Excel 97
MS Excel 97 Fundamentals
MS Project 2000
MS Project 2002

Elective 3 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Project Management
Project Management (2000)
Project Management (2005)
Project Management (2008)