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Enable Continuous Skills Improvement through
Your PerformanceFIT Learning Center

The PerformanceFIT assessment platform makes the experience of learning easy for employees. The system provides employees with direct access to relevant learning resources, including your organization's training courses and reference materials as well as online resources available through PerformanceFIT and its Talent Management partners.

An employee can access the learning center online at any time, enter his or her level of proficiency in a subject, and access recommended resources that directly relate to specific learning needs.

Resources available through the PerformanceFIT Learning Center include:

  • Your organization's training resources and learning reference materials
  • Content from Monster Learning
  • Books from Amazon
  • PerformanceFIT Practice Tests
  • Newsgroups
  • Forums
  • Online Courses, from VCampus
  • References to programs or resources available through your organization

Include Your Corporate Learning or Training Resources
Your PerformanceFIT learning center can include material available through your organization, including reference books, training modules, and other corporate university resources.

Facilitate Continuous Self-service Skills Improvement
Test-takers can access learning resources anytime, anywhere. The result is an environment of continuous learning opportunity.

Focus Learning Efforts and Enhance Corporate Training Impact
Employees can identify the skills they need to meet their career goals and expand their capabilities. PerformanceFIT enables employees to set specific learning milestones, providing a goal-oriented learning focus that can enhance the impact of your corporate training efforts.