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Legal Secretarial Skills (U.S.)
Our Legal Secretarial Skills (U.S.) test measures your ability as a legal secretary. Designed for experienced legal secretaries, this test covers the following topics: The Legal System and Court Structure, Law Office Structure and Staffing, Ethics and Malpractice, Billing and Timekeeping, Law Office Accounting and Client Funds, File and Library Management, Client Management and Communication, Legal Writing and Terminology, Docket Control, and Law Office Information Systems.
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Test Outline

Billing and Timekeeping
Legal Fee Agreements
Management Reports
The Timekeeping and Billing Cycle
Timekeeping Systems
Client Management and Communication
Client Relationship Management
Written and Verbal Communication
Docket Control
Appointments, Deadlines, and Reminders
Court Rules and Statutes of Limitations
Receiving Documents and Calculating Deadlines
Ethics and Malpractice
Attorney-Client Privilege
Conflict of Interest
Unauthorized Practice
Voluntary Ethical Codes
File and Library Management
File Management and Ethics
File Management Policies
File Systems and Methods
The Law Library
Law Office Accounting and Client Funds
Cash Flow and Accounts Receivable
Expenses and Budgeting
Trust and Escrow Accounts
Law Office Information Systems
Application Software
Electronic Research Systems
Network Security and Policies
Systems Hardware and Equipment
Telecommunications Equipment and Systems
Law Office Structure and Staffing
Classification of Lawyers
The Legal Team
Types of Law Practices
Legal Writing and Terminology
Citation Format
Discovery Documents
Legal Instruments
Legal Terminology
Pleadings & Motions
Spelling, Grammar,Punctuation
The Legal System and Court Structure
Administrative Agencies
Common Law and the Adversarial Process
Judicial Systems
The Legislative Process
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