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Computer Adaptive Testing

Computer Adaptive Testing Enables Secure and Accurate Skills Measurement

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology is one of the most accurate ways of measuring skills, in one of the most secure delivery methods available. Each question delivered through our patent-pending CAT engine enabled assessments is based on a test-taker's answer to previous questions. The test engine quickly determines the skill level of the test-taker and delivers questions that challenge the test-taker. CAT scoring takes into account the number and types of items that were answered correctly. The advantages of CAT include:

  • CAT requires fewer test items to arrive at a more accurate estimate of test-takers' proficiency than pencil-and-paper tests.
  • CAT technology allows test-takers to receive immediate feedback on their performance. Each test-taker is administered a different set of test questions, enhancing the test's security.
  • CAT scoring takes into account not just the number of questions answered correctly, but which items were answered correctly. A test-taker who correctly answers a more difficult set of questions will score higher than a test-taker who correctly answers an easier set of questions.
  • CAT draws from a large pool of questions, making it extremely difficult to compromise. Thus, CAT is the preferred method of online testing of most organizations.