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Linux System Administrator

Responsible for running and maintaining the computer systems in an organization that uses a Linux operating system. A system administrator installs, configures, and maintains computer hardware; deals with system security issues and anti-virus upgrades; troubleshoots and fixes system failures; and handles software and hardware purchases.

Required (Select 4)
Product Name/Outline
Disaster Recovery and Planning
Information Technology Terminology
Networking Concepts
Server Administration

Elective 1 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Linux Administration (General)
Linux Administration (Red Hat)
Linux Administration (SuSE)

Elective 2 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Bash Shell Scripting
Perl 5.8
Python 1.5
Python 2.4
Unix Korn Shell Scripting

Elective 3 (Select 2)
Product Name/Outline
Business Writing
Customer Assistance
Listening Skills
Telephone Etiquette