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Human Resources Professional

Responsible for planning, coordinating, recording, and tracking human resource management activities of an organization to maximize the strategic use of human resources. A Human Resources Professional is involved in determining and executing employee policies and procedures that affect various aspects of life in the workplace, from recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and placement through evaluation, promotion, benefits, compensation, workplace environment, handling of employee queries and complaints, and employee departure. A person in this position must be familiar with industrial, employee, and labor relations; regulatory compliance; and other legal requirements and ensure organizational compliance with them. A Human Resources Professional is also often called upon to present employee orientation, communicate organization policies, and prepare and provide training in various Human Resources topics.

Required (Select 7)
Product Name/Outline
Diversity Awareness (U.S.)
Human Resources Concepts (U.S.)
Interviewing and Hiring Concepts (U.S.)
Legal Issues for Employees (U.S.)
Legal Issues for HR and Management (U.S.)
Recruiting Concepts (U.S.)
Sexual Harassment Awareness (U.S.)

Elective 1 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Behavioral Interviewing (U.S.)
Benefits Administration (U.S.)
Benefits Management (U.S.)
Compensation Management (U.S.)
Office Management (U.S.)
Training Delivery and Evaluation
Training Development

Elective 2 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Business Writing
Change Management (U.S.)
Managing People (U.S.)
Presentation Skills
Records Information Management

Elective 3 (Select 1)
Product Name/Outline
Project Management
Project Management (2000)
Project Management (2005)
Project Management (2008)