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Pre-Hire Testing Resources

With so many differences between jobs, choosing the right assessment approach can be a challenge. Brainbench makes numerous resources available to help you. Each of these are covered below.

Newsletter — The Examiner

Brainbench is pleased to introduce The Examiner, a newsletter dedicated to providing hiring managers necessary information to improve the hiring process. The Examiner features case studies, research, and trends in employment testing as well as offers tips to reduce hiring costs, time, and employee turnover.

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Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choosing the Right Assessment

Choosing the right assessment for a specific job depends on several factors. First, you must decide exactly what you want the assessment to measure and where in the application process you want to know it. Are you using the assessment for screening, for ranking, or for helping the interviewer. Often, this requires a careful job analysis to pinpoint the key elements of performance in the job and then match them up against individual measurement strategies.

Hiring Products Overview

Legal Compliance

Hiring decisions are high stakes decisions. In many countries, these decisions are governed by anti-discrimination laws. It turns out that the same things you should do to maximize the value of your assessment approach are what you need to do to ensure legal compliance.Read more

The Science Behind the Assessments

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Survey Reports

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