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Pre-Employment Screening Tests and Testing Products

Download our Assessment Catalog (PDF) that includes:

  • More than 600 assessments
  • Assessment types such as Skills, Knowledge, Personality Tests, and more
  • Job types such as Administration, Call Center, Finance, Health, IT, and more

Download Product Catalog
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Quick Reference Test Lists (All lists are in PDF format)

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Call Center Positions Health Care Positions
Finance Positions Information Technology Positions
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Products Overview

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

Our 500 different knowledge, skills, and abilities tests help you evaluate how much training your candidates will need to become productive. Results include absolute scores (1-5), percentile scores, and strengths/ weaknesses.

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Unlike most others, our pre-hire personality assessments are designed specifically for hiring. Evaluate your applicants against pre-configured job profiles for insight on Job-Fit, Attitude Towards Work, Productivity, and Reliability.

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Employment History Survey (Biodata)

These assessments apply the age-old rule that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Does the candidate show up for work on time, change jobs a lot, direct their own professional development? Excellent pre-screening, too.

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Software Simulations

Our software simulations actually have the candidate simulate using the software to accomplish tasks. Results are similar to Skills tests.

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Speaking, Writing, Listening

Our speaking tests use voice recognition to evaluate how a candidate speaks English or Spanish over the telephone. Our listening tests evaluate their ability to understand what they are hearing. Our writing tests use advanced technology to evaluate their writing, not just punctuation and grammar, but conciseness and quality.

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Interview Guides

The real moment of truth in evaluating a candidate is the interview. Yet, most interviewers are not prepared or trained to interview effectively. Our interview guides are designed to help the interviewer maximize the value of the interview.

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Custom Assessments & Consulting Services

Our industrial/ organizational psychologists are available to assist you with key tasks, including assessment of current processes, job analysis, and custom test development.

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Proctored Administration

For customers seeking to administer assessments within a proctored environment, Brainbench has partnered with LaserGrade. Through this partnership, Brainbench customers can deliver their exams at select locations throughout the US, Canada and overseas.


*Files are in PDF format.