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PerformanceFIT Delivers Reliable Scoring With
Enterprise Reporting Capability

The PerformanceFIT assessment platform gathers employee skills, ability and personality data, makes it accessible to authorized users, and helps authorized users interpret that data through advanced reporting features. Users can access data at all levels through a secure interface, turning PerformanceFIT into a highly effective resource for making informed training, hiring, assignment and strategic decisions.

Detailed Scoring for All Competence Levels—PerformanceFIT tests are administered and scored by proven procedures that are the direct descendents of Binet’s rules for delivering the first intelligence tests: correct answers lead to more difficult questions while wrong answers lead to easier questions. The result is a challenging test enabled by Computer Adaptive Technology with detailed scores that can be used to evaluate overall competence within a training area and to specify strengths and training needs. Learn more about PerformanceFIT Scoring.

Flexible and Scalable Features Put Employee Data At Your Fingertips

Track Individual Employee Skills and Abilities—The PerformanceFIT system provides immediate access to individual skills and ability measurement data, including strengths, weaknesses, and comparisons to organizational or individual baseline scores. In addition, custom reports can be developed to enable you to compare your organization against the industry. Want a quick way to screen candidates or locate a knowledge worker with specific skills? PerformanceFIT can deliver candidate and employee skills data instantly.

Map Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses—The PerformanceFIT system enables you to create an immediate picture of vital skill and ability levels across your organization. Reports can be rolled-up by department or through the entire enterprise, and interpreted through easy-to-read graphs for an instant and clear identification of strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Compare Skills Against Other Test-takers In Your Industry—PerformanceFIT maintains a global database of test-takers in over 600 of today's critical professional skills. Compare the skills of your organization and validate your competency against industry averages.