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Visual C++
Our Visual C++ 2008 test measures your knowledge of programming using Visual C++. Designed for experienced programmers, this test covers the following topics: ActiveX Controls, General C++ Language, General Visual C++, General Windows Programming, MFC, OLE/COM, and Visual C++ IDE.
Test Outline
.NET Programming
.NET Data Types
.NET Framework
.NET Program Structure
ATL Architecture
ATL COM Events
ATL Properties, Persistence and Collections
ATL User Interface
C++/CLI Classes
C++/CLI Language Features
C++/CLI Programming
COM Programming
COM Data Types
COM Interfaces
COM Object Creation and Lifetime
COM Server Types
MFC Architecture
MFC User Interface
MFC Utility Classes
MFC and Data access
Standard C++
C++ Classes
C++ Language Features
C++ Programming
Visual C++ IDE
Debugging and Utilities
Visual C++ Project Settings
Visual Studio IDE Usage
Win32 Programming
Win32 API
Win32 DLL and Exe Issues
Windows and Messages