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Visual Basic 2005
Our Visual Basic 2005 test measures your knowledge of programming with VB using the VB 2005 framework. Designed for experienced programmers, This test includes the following topics: .NET Framework Programming, Classes and Objects, Data Access, Deployment, Monitoring and Maintenance, Developing Visual Basic Application, Security and Visual Basic Programming Language.
Test Outline
.NET Framework Programming
Binary and XML Serialization
COM Interop
Garbage Collection and Object Lifetime
Classes and Objects
Events and Delegates
Generic Types
Inheritance and Interfaces
Type Definition & Members
Data Access
.NET Framework Data Providers
Accessing XML Data
Connecting and Retrieving Data
DataSets and DataTables
General ADO.NET Tasks
Provider Independent Model
Deployment, Monitoring and Maintenance
Application Configuration and Compatibility
ClickOnce Deployment
Deploying Applications
Developing Visual Basic Applications
Creating and Consuming Web Services
Developing Web Applications
Globalization And Localization
Windows Forms
Code Access Security
Role-Based Security
Web Application Security
Writing Secure Code
Visual Basic Programming Language
Assemblies, Namespaces and Modules
Control Flow
Error Handling
Functions and Procedures
Variables and Data Types