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C# 2.0
Our C# 2.0 test measures your knowledge of programming in the .NET environment using C# 2.0. Designed for experienced programmers, this test includes the following topics: Arrays and Collections, Assembly Loading and Reflection, Delegates and Events, Exception Handling, Grammar and Logic, Object Creation and Lifetime, Object Oriented Design, Reference and Value Types, Type Members and Unmanaged Interoperability.
Test Outline
Arrays and Collections
Arrays and Collection Usage
Generic Collections and Interfaces
Iterators and Enumerators
Lists, Queues, Stacks and Dictionaries
Assembly Loading and Reflection
AppDomain Hosting
Assembly Loading
Attributes and Reflection
Custom Attributes
Shared and Private Assemblies
Delegates and Events
Asynchronous Processing
Delegates and Anonymous Delegates
Dynamic Invocation
Event Creation and Usage
Exception Handling
Exception Flow
Exception Management
Rethrowing Exceptions
Grammar and Logic
Conditional Statements
Program Flow
Recursive Programming
Object Creation and Lifetime
Controlling Unmanaged Resources
Destroying Objects
Object Creation
Object Oriented Design
Abstract, Static, and Sealed Class Design
Encapsulation and Access Modifiers
Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Generics
Interface, Struct, and Class Usage
Reference and Value Types
Enumerated Types and Bit Flags
Nullable Types
Reference and Value Usage
Type Casting
Type Members
Generic Members
Properties and Indexers
Readonly and Constant Fields
Static Members
Unmanaged Interoperability
COM Interoperability
Platform Invoke (P/Invoke)
Unsafe Code