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Assessment Tests/Development

Based on the output of the Planning phase, the Brainbench Consulting Services team may develop an assessment battery and/or a series of interview guides. The initial deliverable for Candidate Selection is a Job Analysis, which highlight Biographical Data Inventory, Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs), and Attitudes Interest and Motivations (AIMs) requirements for a job.

Job Analysis - Custom Assessment - Interview Guide

Job Analysis

The Brainbench Consulting Services team will work with the customer to complete a job analysis for each position within the selection process. During this activity, a series of interviews will be conducted with 5 to 8 different subject matter experts. Over the course of the interviews, the Brainbench team will collect information as it relates to the job, duties, responsibilities, judgment, education, work experience, and background information. The data collected from the surveys will be compiled and analyzed. A Job Analysis report is then generated and presented to the customer for review.

Custom Assessments

Brainbench has been a leader in the design, development and deployment of assessments for numerous corporate and government customers. To date, several hundred assessment tests have been developed that leverage various types of assessment technology, including automated essay scoring, interactive flash modules, concurrent use assessments, hot spot technology and data entry. In addition, Brainbench has the capability to host and administer assessments from 3rd party providers.

This may include an assessment test that would be administered during the recruitment process, delivered during a training and certification course, or used to measure the knowledge of a particular organization. In addition, Brainbench can incorporate:

  • Biographical Data Inventory (BDI)

    Using the date from the Job Analysis, Brainbench will formulate a series of Bio-Data questions. These questions can be used to screen out candidates that don't meet certain requirements, i.e. experience, citizenship, etc. The customer has the option of including these questions within the Brainbench Assessment Battery or their Applicant Tracking System.

  • Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA)

    Using the data from the Job Analysis, Brainbench can compile a series of assessment modules that address the knowledge skills and cognitive ability necessary to perform a job. The assessment items will be compiled from Brainbench's library of over 450 different skills assessments. The assessments will be based administered via Brainbench's Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) engine.

  • Personality/Attitudes, Interest and Motivations (AIM)

    Using the data from the Job Analysis, Brainbench can compile a series of assessments that ensure a good fit based on personal interests, characteristics, and job attitude. Through the use of an AIMs test, we can determine a candidate's fit within the organization and culture, as well as predict job performance based upon the candidates interest in using what skills they already have.

Interview Guides

The Brainbench team can also provide a series of interview guides for the customer. The guides will take the interviewer through a series of questions that are aligned with the concepts of a standard behavioral interview. In addition, based on the Job Analysis, Brainbench will generate an answer guide that provides responses that best correlate to the job.